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Principal Investigator: Brian Bailey

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Welcome To the Lab!

Our lab is working to develop the next generation of high-performance computational tools that can allow for realistic simulation of plant systems in order to better understand how plant structure and function impacts biophysical processes across scale. We combine novel experimental and modeling approaches to conduct basic and applied research in plant productivity and water-use efficiency.

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Our research is centered around the Helios 3D simulation software, which is developed and maintained by the lab. Helios is a C++ API that manages 3D model geometry and associated data, and has numerous model plug-ins, e.g., radiation, transpiration, growth, LiDAR, and others. Learn more here.

Join Us

The lab is currently looking to fill a PhD position within the Biosystems Engineering Graduate Group. To learn more, click here.

Recent Publications

Late 2020
One-dimensional models of radiation transfer in homogeneous canopies: A review, re-evaluation, and improved model. Geoscientific Model Development Full-Text PDF
January 2020
Sensitivity analysis of four crop water stress indices to ambient environmental conditions and stomatal conductance. Scientia Horticulturae 259:108825 Full-Text PDF
October 2019
Helios: a scalable 3D plant and environmental biophysical modelling framework. Frontiers in Plant Science 10:1185 Full-Text PDF
August 2019
Evaluating the use of Beer's law for estimating light interception in canopy architectures with varying heterogeneity and anisotropy. Ecological Modelling 406:133-143 Full-Text PDF
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